Sleeping Bag - Velvet Dutch Florals Red

€ 44,95

NEW BESTSELLER! Spoil your dachshund with this beautiful sleeping bag with a floral print after the painting of the Dutch Masters! This luxurious velvet fabric is velvety soft and has a very chic look. The floral print shown is inspired by the painting arts of the Dutch masters and has beautiful vibrant colours. Completely in line with the latest interior trends!


Size indication

The width of 50 centimeters is usually large enough for puppies, kaninchen dachshunds and miniature dachshunds to sleep well and turn around.

The width of 60 centimeters is large enough for standard dachshunds to sleep well and turn around.

The width of 70 centimeters is large enough for those extra large standard dachshunds and other small breed dogs.


Unsure about the size? Try folding a towel or blanket according to the dimensions of the sleeping bag. If your dachshund can lie comfortably on the folded rug, then the size is right. Prefer a size bigger? Then choose the option of 60 cm wide.


Need another size? Send us an e-mail with your wishes and we are happy to think along with you!


  • Washable at 30 degrees without fabric softener, preferably do not tumble dry
  • Size: comes in two standard sizes: width of 50 or 60 centimeters, length: 75 centimeters
  • Material: cotton and elastane
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Please note: nothing is indestructible and the sleeping bag is not a toy! Order the right size for your dachshund(s) to avoid damage and/or disappointment.