Chili - Luxury Leather Braided Leash Red

€ 49,95

It doesn't get softer and smoother than this! Go for the real chic and classic look with our spicy Chili red braided dog leash, because red is the new black.


After more than a year and a half of designing, preparation and patience, the Charming Couture collection of collars, leashes and accessories is finally online! Of course, this collection is also completely handmade in our own studio and the items are exclusively available at Charming Couture.


It's time for a leash for your Dachshund that honors you and your Dachshund. So go for just that little bit more with our braided dog leash. The minimalist design is timeless, cool, stylish and above all extremely comfortable to use! The addition of a hand-braided piece in the leather at the handle and the snap hook gives the leash a chic twist. Exactly what makes your leash distinctive from the rest and it gives it an extra luxurious look. The leather is soft and supple in the hand and does not cut. From now on, walking with your dachshund will be even more enjoyable with the Charming Couture leash and it makes the walk around a wonderful carefree trip.


HINT: Go for the complete look and combine this braided leash with one of our matching leather collars and pouch holders!



The leather of our leashes is oiled through and through, just like our collars, which makes the leather not only supple and soft, but also weather resistant. Perfect for those changing weather conditions! The thickness of the leather ensures good strength while at the same time the wearing comfort remains high. This unique combination of properties such as flexibility, comfort, sturdiness and high wearing comfort ensure a leash of tangible and visible quality. Over time, this type of leather, like all high-quality leather, develops the unmistakable patina; the look that gives the leather its charm.

Because we have added a small ring near the handle, you can easily attach one of our bag holders to the leash. This way you always have a roll of waste bags at hand. Indispensable during your daily walks!

The fully brass parts give the leash a chic look as a finishing touch, do not rust and are even resistant to salt water and frost.


Sizing guide:

Charming Couture has the right size leash with matching collar for every dog. This Chili red braided leash has a width of 1.0 cm, a length of 160 cm and is therefore suitable for dachshunds of all ages and sizes. Ideal to take with you in combination with one of our collars when you pick up your puppy from the breeder!

NEW: this leash is now also available in 1.5 cm width. Perfect for if you have a dog of medium to large size, so the larger breeds can also be stylish on the street.


Need advice or a different length? Please contact us! A lot is possible in consultation, we are happy to assist!


  • Maintenance: this type of leather is very easy to maintain. Dirt can easily be brushed off when it has dried with a soft brush or towel. With intensive use, a colorless leather cream or leather oil can help nourish the leather. Please note, never allow leather products to dry near a heat source after exposure to water to prevent drying and/or damage.
  • Material: 100% Italian oiled cow leather with gold-coloured full brass fittings. Leather is a living natural product and becomes more flexible during use. It molds to the user, minimal stretch could occur.
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