Bow Tie Geneva

€ 9,95

BESTSELLER! Make your dachshund the stylish centerpiece of any occasion with Geneva bow tie! The red tartan is a timeless appearance.


Whether your dachshund goes with you to visit friends, is present at a party or receives guests during the holidays; the handmade bow ties from Charming Couture suit every occasion. Our fabrics and materials are selected for their quality and luxurious appearance, which does justice to the classic and stubborn character of the dachshund.


Please select the size of your dachshund and we will provide the correct size bow tie and adjustable elastic. The bow tie is suitable for both the smallest and the largest!


HINT! Super fun to match with your dachshund! Because the elastic is adjustable, this bow tie can also be worn by the owner. Success guaranteed!


  • Material: cotton
  • Fixation: adjustable elastic up to 50 cm
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8 cm
  • Tags: bow tie, bow tie, dachshund, dachshund bow, bow tie, tweed, red, tartan, square, trendy, party, luxury, classic, timeless, match, holidays.


Photos made by Pixie Fotografie